• BENU Anniversary

    BENU Anniversary

    MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASH0TTE l/SA from 2008 to 2018. The manufacture’s first ten years justify a special edition of the BENU, the initial model of the new era.

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  • BENU Enamel

    BENU Enamel

    For aficionados of robust steel watches, this BENU is a special highlight.

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  • Benu37


    The compacter BENU version exhibits harmoniously balanced proportions.

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  • BENU Power reserve

    BENU Power reserve

    The simple elegance of the BENU Power Reserve is a result of the neoclassical design paired with the handcrafted finesse of Grossmann’s artisanship.

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  • BENU Tourbillon

    BENU Tourbillon

    The crownjewel of our manufacture. The Three-Minuten-Tourbillon tops the extraordinary design of this milestone in watchmaking.

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  • ATUM


    Timeless elegance, precise functionality and pure aesthetic give the appearance of this timepiece the right meassure of reduced style.

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  • ATUM Enamel

    ATUM Enamel

    The enamelled dial of the ATUM Enamel is a further homage to artisanship in the days of old.

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  • ATUM 37

    ATUM 37

    The somewhat smaller ATUM 37 also masters the principle of reduction with perfection. All hallmarks of pure watchmaking artistry stand for its precise functionality.

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  • ATUM Date

    ATUM Date

    The first Moritz Grossmann timepiece with a jumping date indicator and a highly functional design.

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  • ATUM Backpage

    ATUM Backpage

    Numerous connoisseurs have suggested that the exquisite cha-
    racteristics of the manufacture calibres should be showcased in
    a particularly exposed position.

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  • ATUM Pure

    ATUM Pure

    The high polished steelcase and the handcrafted lance-shaped hands with a filling of white HyCeram are creating a touch of casual elegance.

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  • ATUM Pure M

    ATUM Pure M

    Pure design and precise function are unified to a cautious modernnes. The diaphanous steel mesh inlay allows a glance at the heart of the ‘„M’“.

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  • ATUM Pure L

    ATUM Pure L

    The “ATUM Pure L” with its dial full of longholes provides a great view at the dial site of our calibre 201.1.

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  • ATUM Pure H

    ATUM Pure H

    With these versions of the ATUM Pure, initials or names serve as elements of extraordinary dial designs.

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    Exquisitely chamfered hour markers, convex numerals and the dedicated slender form of the case distinguishes the reduced design of this watch line.

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  • TEFNUT 1001 Nights

    TEFNUT 1001 Nights

    This nearly identical variation of the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty was inspired by artist Michael Koh’s storybook interpretation.

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  • TEFNUT Pure

    TEFNUT Pure

    Casual elegance and the focus on the technical details of the caliber with Pure-Classic-Finish are the hallmarks of the TEFNUT Pure.

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  • TEFNUT 36

    TEFNUT 36

    With a reduced case size and unique details the TEFNUT 36 emphasizes the slender design of the watch line and delights men as well as women.

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  • TEFNUT Lady

    TEFNUT Lady

    A mother-of-pearl dial in the slender case ennobles Grossmann’s watchmaking artistry with feminine aestethics and technical lustre.

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  • TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty

    TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty

    The TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty leads us to the secretive world of the moon – A cooperation with designer Michael Koh.

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  • TEFNUT Twist

    TEFNUT Twist

    Classic design and a revolutionary winding mechanism – that is the TEFNUT Twist.

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