Care and maintenance

Your new watch was painstakingly crafted and designed to optimally cope with everyday use. However, we recommend that you protect your watch against falling, avoidable vibrations, impacts, jolts, and extreme temperature shocks. For daily occurrences of exposure to water (washing hands, rain, water vapour and perspiration), the case seals afford enough protection to prevent the ingress of moisture (pursuant to DIN standard 8310).

Nonetheless, we urgently advise against wearing the watch when you engage in water sports, take a shower, or visit the sauna. This would also significantly affect the lifetime of the leather strap. If the watch ever gets completely wet, we recommend drying it thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Temperature shocks can cause the formation of condensate and the ingress of moisture through case material stress gaps or sudden underpressure inside the watch. Also, please avoid exposing the movement to sunlight through the sapphire-crystal back for longer periods of time. High temperatures inside the case will degrade the quality of the lubricants that have been applied at critical points in very small amounts.

Depending on how intensively you use your watch, we recommend having a leak-tightness check performed at regular intervals of at most two years so that seal wear, if any, can be identified before damage occurs. On the same occasion, please have the authorised service centre verify the flawless functionality of all safety-relevant components such as spring bars, leather strap, clasp, and caseback screws.

Every watch, even one as precious as yours, needs to be serviced at regular intervals to preserve its value. During such maintenance interventions, the movement is cleaned and the lubricants are renewed to make sure the watch can continue to serve you dependably. After all, it ranks among the world‘s smallest precision machines.

Under constantly changing temperature and kinetic conditions, it is permanently in motion and its bearings must get by with minimal amounts of lubricant. We recommend that you have it serviced every three to five years. If you need more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an authorised dealer or our manufacture directly. No effort will be spared in providing the answers or assistance you need.

Service Centers

Only these are the service centers authorized to service your watch:

  • The retailer, you have actually purchased your Moritz Grossmann model.
  • The service department of the Moritz Grossmann manufacture in Glashütte, Uferstraße 1, 01768 Glashütte,